NIMBYism In Obama’s Neighborhood – Jennifer Pritzker’s Frank Lloyd Wright Bed And Breakfasts – Kenwood – November 18, 2013 – 4th Ward Meeting – Hyde Park Herald & Personal

Jennifer Pritzker’s wealth management company, Tawani Enterprises, proposed a zoning change during the November 18th 4th Ward meeting at St. Paul and The Redeemer Church, that would allow the conversion of two adjacent Frank Lloyd Wright designed houses, located in the 4800 block of S. Kenwood Avenue, into bed-and-breakfast businesses.  The proposal was killed by Alderman Will Burns during the community discussion that followed Tawani’s presentation.  It was the first time that have I witnessed the death of a substantial and legitimate proposal during a ward meeting.  Doomed proposals seem to die later, behind closed doors.  I attribute this quick death to Alderman Burns’ connections to opponents of the project, many of whom have strong ties to the Obama family and serve as Kenwood’s new elite.
Sean McGowan, chief operating officer of Tawani Enterprises, introduced the proposal to the Kenwood community during the meeting.
Renovation architect Gunny Harboe reviewed work he has done on other Frank Lloyd Wright designed houses.
Kenwood resident Dr. Anita Blanchard spoke against the proposal.
Alderman Burns (4th) discussed the project while Tawani Enterprise’s zoning attorney Andrew Scott listened.

Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust president Celeste Adams spoke about the benefits Oak Park has gained through renovation projects similar to the ones proposed for Kenwood by Tawani Enterprises.

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